Updates: December 28, 2018


Updates: December 28, 2018

To address a few concerns we have had lately with  several  of our models, we have enacted a few updates to our online content order process.

  1. Due to increased competition, and budgetary limits, we will require all new models to return their initial signed contract and copy of picture ID within 1 business day of issuance. Those models who fail to return these required documents within this time frame are subject to having their Dropboxes locked, and their contracts being awarded to another model.
  2. Effective immediately, there is now a deadline of 3 business days for models to complete their content orders. If the model does not submit all ordered content within that time frame, Madame Blue Images will not be obliged to accept the content, and the contract is subject to being terminated and awarded to another model.
  3. We do not, and will not, give pay advances to any model under any circumstances. We will continue to pay all models upon completion of each order, but no monies shall be paid to a model until she has satisfactorily completed the order.
  4. As a reminder, when we purchase content from a model, we are not just purchasing that content, we are purchasing the exclusive rights to said content. Please do not re-sell or distribute content sold to Madame Blue Images without our express permission. This may constitute a possible breach of contract.
  5. We award pay increases to models based on the revenue generated from the sales and distribution of their content. The more money your content generates, the more we pay you for future content. If you haven’t been offered a pay increase in a while, it means your sales are down.
  6. We encourage all of our models to create Twitter accounts specifically for their modeling business. If you have a personal Twitter account, don’t use that one; instead, create a separate one using your model name, images, etc. Once you have one, please send us your Twitter user name, and we will include links to it on all member website links featuring your content. This will help increase your content sales and pay on future contracts.

If you are one of our models, or would like to be, we encourage you to subscribe to our website for more updates.


Date: December 28, 2018

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